In the heart of the traditional settlement of Palios Agios Athanasios, on the main road is the Restaurant Katafigio. Invitation to taste! A warm atmosphere with all the tables near the large fireplace. A short walk to the wonderful world of Greek Kitchen! Traditional recipes, impeccable taste of souvlaki and gastra  cooked slowly in an old stone oven. Do not forget to try meat specialties in gastra dangerously delicious!  Pork, venison, wild boar, stuffed pork tenderloin and hand lamb on the spit, grilled meat! Rib-eye beef, beef steak, beef and lamb chops. Variety in cheeses like cream cheese, batso, smoked from Metsovo, Parmesan, feta Bougiourdi and of course Greek Feta. Fresh salads directly from our garden on your plate such as Katafigio salad and arugula Special salad. The restaurant has a large wine cellar in white, red and rosé. About the location of the restaurant Katafigio on the map of the traditional settlement of Palios Agios Athanasios can be found on our interactive map.



Email: afoivericouki@gmail.com

Website : www.katafygio.gr